Working on a cruise ship, thats how it all started, two persons from two different parts of the world, let me tell you what happened.


Gangway shooting. Marko is the photographer and I am the dolphin!!!

Our story is fun and simple. We met  during our journeys to Bermuda Islands on 2014. Both of us were starting our photographic careers and we were dreaming to travel around the world.

It wasn’t love at first sight, but something was going on since my arrival to the ship. We were trying to hide feelings from each other. “Oh, come on, nothing happens”, and you just keep going until… until you can’t hold your feelings anymore.

To have a relationship while working as a photographer in a cruise is pretty tough. Your schedule is a mess and you don’t know anything else than work. Also, you “lovebirds” need to find places where you can be together and share more than parties at the crew bar.

As I wrote in my old diary, there is very few privacy for a crew member, and if you have a couple, better you figure it out… and yes, we did!

We were looking for the five minutes break so we can run until the cabin to be together at least some little time without no one else.



Our tiny cabin was more than enough for us and we were decorating and celebrating holidays inside.

The ship was our world for along two years. Time full of adventure and love and some international arguing, yes of course, nobody is perfect, uh!

Our relationship was so complete and connected so well with ourselves that we decided to stop in our journeys to start a family together… Don’t get me wrong, we didn’t have any kids, not yet… lol!

We were thinking to plan something like our photo shoots, managing our own company and that’s what we did.
Since our “Yes, I do!” we haven’t stop. Even if we are not on board anymore, we had been traveling around Europe and discovering amazing people and cultures trough our lenses.

When I see ourselves, I just can’t imagine my self before us… Sometimes it’s so unreal to feel your love exactly next to you, when you know that both of you were apart by the whole ocean. I guess it was matter of time and just keep swimming!!!